25th reunion less than a month away

April 8th, 2005 by hjl

In today’s e-mail, from Jane Melvin on behalf of the reunion committee:

Our PEA 25th is less than a month away

But it’s not too late.

Please make sure to COMMIT today - our 25th reunion is fast approaching and while we can’t promise that there won’t be snow in Exeter the first weekend in May, we can promise a great opportunity to reconnect with each other. So many of you have expressed your intent to come, but now it’s time to commit. Believe it or not there are still spots in the children’s program, so act fast if you want to bring the family. If you’d rather come by yourself, we’ll have lots of chances to catch up.

Here are a couple of things you may not know:

- there are 37 faculty members STILL at the Academy who were there when we were. Changes are you can catch up with someone who changed your life.

- Susan Herney isn’t the dean but she is in admissions. So, despite the trouble you may have gotten in, she promises she won’t hold it against you if your child is applying to the Academy

- 59 classmates are already planning to come

The more people who come the more fun and memorable it will be. Please make the point of sending in your completed registration form today, and also use the opportunity to call a couple of your friends and encourage them to come along.

Recently a letter went out to you all with a registration form (please send it in!) and a submission form for the Class of 1980 25th Reunion Facebook (complete even if you can’t attend). If you missed these forms please link to http://phillips.exeter.edu/classof/1980 in order to download them or call the Alumni/ae Office at 800-828-4325 ext 3457. Send in your completed registration form (or register online) as soon as possible.

Contact your old friends and plan to meet them at the reunion. Also, visit http://phillips.exeter.edu/classof/1980 and link to our unique class page. There is an additional section linking to discussion boards and forums.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you in May.
Ethan, Jane, Ozzie, Dan and Charlotte