Charlotte wants to hear from you!

August 16th, 2005 by hjl

It’s almost the end of summer, and Charlotte would like to hear from you…

Dear friends,

After a short summer spent recovering from the hoarse voice I got at the reunion from having so many great conversations, it’s now time again to write to you to ask for any tidbit of news you might like to share. Please help!!!! I’m hoping that some of you who didn’t make it to the reunion will update me, and that those of you who did will remind me of any important facts, so I don’t get things backwards when I try to recall . . . new job? . . . new house? . . . new baby?


Your correspondent,
Charlotte Breed Handy `80

breedhandy ( at ) msn ( dot ) com

On our end, we had a great family trip to London and Paris this summer. I’d meant to look up Betty Carey as I think she lives near the hotel where we stayed, but got distracted by the second bombing on the London Underground, and we moved on to Paris after only a few days. Haven’t gotten around to writing up much of that yet, other than our excursion to the Louvre.