Exeter admits students displaced by Katrina

September 17th, 2005 by hjl

In this morning’s e-mail, from Harold Brown at the alumni office:

…I thought you might be interested to know how your alma mater has responded. A week ago at the opening of school Assembly Acting Principal Tom Hassan outlined plans for PEA’s response to Hurricane Katrina. This morning at Assembly he informed the PEA community that 5 students from the gulf region (3 from New Orleans, 2 from Gulfport, MS) were enrolled today. The announcement and the ensuing introductions inspired a heartening and thunderous standing ovation. Faces were glistening with smiles and tears. This was a wonderful Exeter moment!

A quick look at the official PEA calendar shows that classes just started last Friday, September 9th.

A note on the Academy web site dated September 7th from Tom Hassan outlines the current plan

…In the immediate future, Exeter is joining other educational institutions, including our sister boarding schools and colleges, in opening its doors to three to five students from the region. I have met with Michael Gary and others here at the Academy, and we have developed a plan to identify applicants in the next several days. If we are able to find in a timely way qualified students who are interested in attending the Academy, we will treat them as we do our “late admits,” meaning that the admissions officers will carefully screen those who apply.

As we look to the future, we are considering the possibility of making offers of January admittance to a few other students who might qualify for Exeter, but whom we won’t have time to identify over the next several days.

Finally, we are aware that this disaster will have long-term effects on the education of many students in the Gulf region. We feel that Exeter could help ameliorate those effects by offering a summer program that would bring students, and possibly teachers, to our campus and allow them to continue their interrupted education. I have asked Ron Kim and Doug Rogers to work with a committee to design such a program for next summer.

On a slightly tangential note…what’s with the “Acting Principal Tom Hassan”? Where’s Ty Tingley?