Missing persons…

October 7th, 2005 by hjl

I just found a list of “missing persons” from our class that don’t have current contact info listed at the alumni office. If you’re on this list, the good news is you’re not getting junk mail from Exeter. The bad news is you’re missing out on staying in touch with old friends. You can send updates to “records at exeter.edu” (remove the spaces and replace “at” with “@”). If you find this, you might also want to post a reply here, even if you don’t want to hear from the alumni office…

Mr. John G. Arnason
Mr. Leonard Arone
Mr. Robert E. Barber
Ms. Gretchen E. Booma
Mr. Adam M. Brufsky
Ms. Judith A. Chiarito
Mr. Jeffrey D. Flint
Mr. Robert H. Kitchen
Ms Isabel C Ladd
Mr. David G. Martin
Mr. Michael P. McDiarmid
Mr. Peter S. Nicholas
Mr. Christopher Nielsen
Mr. Kaveh Parsi
Mr. David Rivera
Ms. Alice A. Smith
Mrs. Theresa Wood Thompson
Mr. Ching-Ming Tseng

You can try a quick Google search to see where some of your classmates might be now…